Awesome Boston Handcrafted Jewelry

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Choosing the Best Handmade Jewelry in Boston


Hammered Fine Silver Handmade Earrings sold in Boston,  MA
Hammered Fine Silver Handmade Earrings

Are you looking for a distinctive piece of hand-crafted jewelry in Boston? There’ re a few considerations you need to take into account before you begin going shopping for that amazing gift. You should first consider the recipients taste ahead of making any purchases. Picking out an addition to their collection can be a shrewd decision, so dig with the jewelry that they currently have and look for something that they might be overlooking, or some kind of metals and gems which they prefer. For instance, when they like gold, but only have a few gold earrings, then picking out some will be a wise decision.

Jewelry Throughout the Ages

Handmade Gold Hammered Link Earrings sold in Boston,  MA
Handmade Gold Hammered Link Earrings

On the millennia, jewelry designs and materials have progressed in step with the improvements of civilization Styles and designs have transformed and modernized, and then often return to their most basic forms and elements. Handmade jewelry has adorned mankind a long time before man had the ability to reason. Simple necklaces and bracelets made of flowers, woven grasses, shells and stones were made to decorate early humans. We may have been wearing jewelry as far back as 75, 000 years ago — 30, 000 years earlier than previously believed — according to a recent report by National Geographic News.

Patinated Copper Jewelry Carried by Boston Jewelry Stores
Patinated Handmade Copper Jewelry

Most of today’s jewelry is manufactured. Machine made jewelry is much more economical, not only for the consumer, but also for the manufacturer. Casting machines now quickly process into uniform molds such components as metals, plastics, and resins, enabling even intricate jewelry designs to be created with speed and consistency for the majority of Boston jewelry manufacturers. Mechanical punch presses and forges, likewise, are also commonly used in the jewelry manufacturing industry today, to help ensure the manufacture of an uniform, highly profitable product.

Over the last decade, handmade jewelry has become quite sought after. The jewelry industry has seen a resurgence of demand for handmade jewelry due to a great perceived value of being unique and one-of-a-kind. Given this renewed interest in handmade, many Boston jewelry designers are seeing greater demand for their talents and designs for unique handmade jewelry. Many specialty galleries — as well as major department stores — now feature an increasing array of handmade jewelry. The internet has also made handmade jewelry very accessible to a world wide following. Many handmade jewelry artisans can enjoy the benefits of selling directly to a world-wide clientele.

I’m sure you know that it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyways…. always choosing quality over quantity when it comes to your handmade jewelry purchases, especially it this is a gift. If you are comparison shopping, don’t get suckered in to thinking a larger piece is a better value if the quality isn’t equal to smaller sized jewelry that is better made. Always go for quality! Remember that a good piece of handmade jewelry by a jewelry designer in Boston doesn’t necessarily mean it’s expensive. It does not take quality and look that truly counts, not the amount paid.

Gold Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet sold in Boston,  MA
Handmade Gold Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet

Handmade jewelry is crafted by hands, instead of mechanically created using machines. In its purest form, hand-assembled does not mean handmade. Handmade and hand-assembled are totally unrelated, but commonly misunderstood by both consumer and designer. Attaching machine made components to one another by hand does not make the piece handmade. Jewelry designers that pride themselves in making handmade jewelry use old metalsmithing skills such as fabrication and simple tools and an extensive repertoire of techniques to create shapes and forms. One of the key indicators that a piece of jewelry is truly handmade is through observation of dissimilarity. Does the piece have uniform or varied hammer marks? Individuality, culture, and meaning are clearly evident in handmade objects. Making marketable and sought after handmade jewelry requires a considerable amount of dedication, skill, and creativity not often found in most mass-produced jewelry. This is clearly evident in a finished piece of handmade jewelry, making artisan designed jewelry a clear stand-out from most cookie cutter mass produced jewelry.

Mass-produced or machine-made jewelry typically looks more rigid and uniform. Even though handmade jewelry might appear to be slightly flawed in the eyes of the casual observer, high quality handmade jewelry should nonetheless last a lifetime. Perhaps surprisingly, machine-made jewelry often breaks more easily than well-made handmade jewelry. Keep in mind that just because it says “handmade” doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s high quality. Many department stores sell jewelry labeled as “handmade” but this doesn’t mean high quality, as well as may not even mean handmade, but hand-assembled. Mass-production facilities typically require artisans to meet efficiency quotas that result in poorly made jewelry, made with cheaper materials — even if it is technically created by hand. Search for handmade jewelry that is not mass-produced — not available in large quantities. If you are looking for high quality handmade jewelry in Boston, look for the artisan’s name attached to the piece. This represents both reputation and quality. The careful observer will always be able to appreciate the uniqueness and quality of a handmade piece of jewelry. With handmade artisan jewelry, quality and uniqueness are typically are apparent to even the most casual observer.

A significant advantage of wearing hand crafted jewelry is that it was created with a craftsperson that loves what they’re doing and is enthusiastic about their work. No two creations are alike, that makes wearing something one-of-a-kind far more enjoyable. Jewelry is an art form. This strength of feeling comes across in the design process, and in the finished jewelry itself. Mass-produced items, whether it’s jewelry or anything handmade lacks this “soul. ” Hand-made jewelry also better displays the wearer’s individual touch and style, articulating individuality and interest. To wear mass-produced jewelry, of a common style, lends the wearer the appearance of being somewhat mass-produced. Simply put, mass-produced is just that… cookie cutter soulless jewelry with no special meaning, no story to tell, no life. When’s the last time you told a story about that one pair of earrings you bought from your favorite Boston department store ( you know, the one’s picked from twenty identical pairs)? Probably never. With handmade jewelry, it’s a pleasure to be able to tell admirers the story behind what you are wearing. Most importantly, it is simply a joy to put on jewelry that someone has personally and lovingly developed by hand.

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Awesome Boston Handcrafted Jewelry, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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